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Hi everyone,  I look forward to sharing honest insights and perceptions about the world of security and the life lessons I’ve learnt from my personal experiences and interactions with other people.

Feel free to ask anything industry related. It could be a question about getting into security. You might need advice or an opinion. What ever it is I gaurantee you’ll have a laugh, you might want to cry, it will provoke thought, a rant, a question, an answer or maybe you just want a good old fashioned nosey, it’s all here.

My Story

My Story

I have been in the security industry for over 25 years. A career which I fell into (with ease I might add) . It continues to challenge me from a learning and personal growth perspective. Security was never a career option, it was a pass time. Just until I figured out how I wold navigate the world. I was actually incredibly embarrassed about it. Over time however,  I had developed some very useful skills especially when it came to understanding and connecting with people.  It compelled me to study my interactions and understand the intricacies of these relationship dynamics. It became the foundation for my capacity to learn about anything. I developed a fascination with the human psyche and gained some unique personal experiences and insights about human behaviour and ultimately about myself.

The scope of my security experience includes most aspect of security. Everything from a bouncer  to providing armed security details in the Gulf of Aden, running a security business and everything in between including debt recovery, collection and process serving.

I Will Tell It Like It Is

I will shed light and offer honest insight and personal opinion about my industry. At times it will be contrary to how it is percieved. Security has opened my eyes to the world through my interactions and travel but has also revealed hard truths that have helped me grow. It has revealed how insignificant my problems are compared to most around the world. It has shown me how fortunate I am. It has changed my attitude toward religion, politics, the western world and given me a sense of my place in it. My outlook on life has changed and so too my perspective on the conventions and approach to industry practices. There is a better way to explain what we do and an easier way to engage with everyone we interact with.

It will be a privilege to share my perpective,  my lessons, my experiences and my insights.

The Purpose of This Site

In my journey there have been lessons learnt that progressively impacted and shaped my life. This site serves to be the example of that change and for anyone that wants to get into this industry and for those already in it for that matter.  This will be an informative source of knowledge, a voice of reason and understanding and a place where we can educate, share thoughts, ideas and opinions. If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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