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With all the bug out bags on offer, some things need to be considered when determining whether it is worth buying. A product that seems to tick all the important boxes meeting the needs and demands of customers is the Urban Survival Bug Out Bag. It is designed and built with the safety and requirements of its intended users.

A two person kit option is also available. The bag provides enough storage and versatility so that you can amend or add to its contents. With everything you have in the bag it is still portable and safe to use making it the perfect bug out bag for anybody.


If you’re looking for a bug out bag, then the best starting point, is the bug out bag from Emergency Zone. The bag itself is discreet and looks like a typical black backpack. In an emergency situation, its hard to see what’s packed inside it and surprisingly the bag packs what you would need in an emergency. This bag comes with an option for up to two people.

Items include a torch, a two-way radio system, first aid supplies, sanitation, food and water. There’s also a tech device that you can use to light your way as well as a device to communicate with.

The food is very good quality and will last for five years before it should be replaced. It should be noted, the food will not last long if left in warm temperatures. Therefore we need to think about where the bag is stored. The bug out bag can be used in a variety of situations and it is important to note that the bag is water resistant only. You can also make your own amendments to the bag according to your individual requirements.

A great feature of the bag is that there is plenty of room to add extra items such as clothes, more food and tools like a small hacksaw. While the bag does have a number of useful items included there are certain omissions such as a compass, collapsible water bottle and filtering tabs. Though, for the price of the kit, you are certainly getting your money’s worth. Particularly when considering the fact that the bag also includes a camping tube tent. If your are worried about how to use the items in the bag there is also a survival manual guide included for your information and reference.

What Is There to Like

  • Good value for moneyhttp
  • Available in 2 and 4 people kits
  • Room to add other items
  • Food will last for 5 years

What Is There not to Like

  • Some needed items are missing
  • Quality of items match the price tag
  • Bag is water resistant not waterproof

Features of the Bag

  • This bag looks like a regular backpack because of its discreet color and design
  • It comes in black or charcoal color with no label, so it will not draw unwanted attention when things get chaotic
  • There is very good storage space for basic needs of up to 2 people for approx 72 hours, or up to 6 days for 1 person
  • It has multiple compartments to organize and or categorize your items
  • It was built and designed with the needs and safety of its users in mind
  • It is ideal to be stored in your car, home, or work so you have it in case of an emergency

What’s in the Bag?

The Bag:

  • Black backpack,
  • Zip lock bags x5
  • Waterproof document container

Weatherwear Protection:

  • Reflective sleeping bags x2,
  • Adult size poncho x2,
  • 2 person tube tent x1,
  • Hand warmers x2,

Food and Water:

  • US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 3600 calorie bars x 2,
  • US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 4.2 oz water pouches x12,
  • 1 L water purification powder x5,
  • Folding 1 L water container for purifying water purification instruction sheet.

Light and Communication:

  • ·Dynamo AM/FM radio   
  • ·Flashlight
  • ·Mobile phone charger
  • Light sticks x2 (4)

Hygiene and Sanitation:

  • Toothbrush x2 (4)
  • Toothpaste Comb Razor Shampoo Soap Feminine pad x2
  • Washcloth Toilet paper roll Sewing kit.

61 Piece First Aid Kit

  • Band aids Dressing Butterfly closures Cotton tip applicators Towelettes N95 masks x2 (4)
  • Self-adhesive bandage Tweezers Trauma scissors Pair of medical grade nitrile gloves

Miscellaneous Items:

  • 10yd duct tape
  • 5 in 1 survival whistle
  • 50 ft rope
  • Leather palm work gloves
  • Multi tool knife
  • Playing cards
  • GI can opener
  • Pencil 48 page Emergency Preparedness Guide

Final Thoughts

Okay so it isn’t the perfect bag. But it is well-thought-out and for the price, this bag is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to prep for an emergency. Although it is targeted at the urban ite, with the addition of necessary items it could easily become a survival bag for the outdoor adventurer. While there are items missing that people may want in their bug out bag, it has more than enough room to add extra pieces of kit and essential personal items. You could definitely fit a few items of clothing in without much trouble at all.

With the many features and benefits it offers, this product is worth buying and I would be confident having one should that emergency occur. As mentioned this bag was designed and built with the safety and needs of its users in mind and its popularity over the years is testament to this.

The fact this bag can store important items for up to 2 people for 72 hours, while being portable and safe to use makes it the perfect bug out bag for you.

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